Saturday, October 14, 2006

Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

Ok maybe not that bad...

I have been trying and trying to find a place that can fix my super-cool Canon S2 IS, with people offering wildly variant estimations of times and prices, ranging from 200 yuan in one day to 1600 yuan in 3 days. Of course, the person who offered the 200 yuan in one day was someone who looked at the camera briefly and said, "I don't know what's wrong with it, but I'll give it a shot." Adam went with me to translate, I don't understand Chinese well enough to know that that is what he said, if thats what you're thinking. Adam also informed me that some freelance, rogue camera repairmen will gut the poor contraption, take out all the good parts, and replace them with crappy parts, then sell the good parts to other people. I didn't like the sound of that. So we took the camera to the official Canon repair place.

The gentleman there informed me with complete indifference and torpor that the problem can only be solved by replacing the lens, and since my American warranty doesn't apply to China (and really, why should it?), it would cost 1600 ($200) yuan to fix. He wholeheartedly recommended that I ditch the camera and buy a cheap, no-brand camera until I go back home and can cash in on the warranty there. I, of course, could not capture this instant (or any other things I do for awhile) on camera, so here's the best representation I have to offer:

Apparently, this "E18" Canon problem is one that is rampant among customers. So much that there is an entire website registered to the victims of the affliction, and a impending class-action suit against the fine folks of Canon Inc. Apparently, according to Canon, you CANNOT touch the lens as it is moving... EVER. Similarly, thou SHALT NOT power the camera on if it's close to having dead batteries. If you do, the camera will swoon and faint under the pressure of having to do too much work. Its funny too, the Canon shop had photos on the wall taken by Canon users. Things like, rambunctious tykes or galloping gazelles taken in extraordinarily hazardous-looking conditions. And yet, the S2 IS seems to have the structural integrity of a dainty little flower. I'm sure they used some super Canon camera... either that or they took 20 s2 IS' to Africa and used them like disposables.

So... I don't know what to do. I was this close (right now I'm holding my thumb and index finger extremely close together) to shelling out the dough for the fix, because I so miss the camera. I could take photos like this one of a darling little chinese youth so easily.

And yet, who's to say if I did pay for it how long I'd have a working camera for? I could shell out the cash-money, use it for another 2 weeks, and graze the lens as I take off the lens cap. Then I'm out 200 more dollars and even more disheartened.

Anyway, until I do something, here are some more photos of things some of you have wanted to see in the only way I can make them for now:

This is my 1st grade class. Aren't they cute?

My apartment. What a comfy couch!


Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about your camera, however, I'm quite liking the drawings.
My canon S50 has also completly stopped working now. However, I did drop it twice, so that could be why. Still, I do like the canon cameras and will probably get another. Is electronic stuff cheaper in China?
My advice would be to: a) Buy a new one, b) repair the one you have or c) borrow one from a friend. See how helpful i am!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad to see you have not lost your artistic abilities. I was especially impressed with the 3D rendening, who needs a camera when you can produce a picture with pen so effectively. Your little students sure are cute. It's good to see your year at the Art Institute paid off. Looking forward to more about your trip. lovemom

Drew said...

The sarcasm is palpable, Mom.

Anonymous said...

If it was me which it isn't I'd get a cheap one of precious or better quality, and bring yours back and deal with it in US of A. unless you find a local fixer man who can take care of you. Anyway you seem to be doing fine with those stick figures they are just the pictures I was wanting to see. Your students look like real fast learners and your apartment looks comfy .Dad

Anonymous said...

P.S. Also you don't capture the air as well in the digital photos, it looks thick.

Celera said...

Hey Finney!

First off, those kids look a little thin. So do you, for that matter. Don't they have any donuts or anything?

You are about five times better at drawing than I am, if that is any consolation (and there's no reason why it should be.)

Finally -- torpor. Awesome. You are gonna do so great on those GRE's.

Anonymous said...

hi!!! rach and i may be going to scarowinds this weekend. we went to the ghost train at tweetsie and had a ball this past saturday night! she ACTUALLY rode the ferris wheel and another ride! we're doing systematic desensitization and it's working :) so, next we have the rides at the fair and then onward to the big leagues at carowinds. i was telling her about when you and i went and took videos on top gun. ::sniff:: i miss you. i hope you are doing well!! thinking about you!!!! - nicole