Friday, March 09, 2007

Hong Kong

So we went to Hong Kong, you know? We as in Dad and I. We left after about three weeks of American good times of eating fast food and watching movies and such. Home was good, and I did some very home like things. I had nightmares before I left that Atari (my cat) was pissed off at me for leaving her alone and all. I was happy to know that she didn't seem to hold a grudge.

The flight over was easily the best flight I've had out of the three. The time pretty much flew by (get it? Like a plane...) since there were a lot of empty seats. I was able to actually lie down. You can't beat that. Those fancy-pants first class losers did not know the simply joy of taking up
three seats. My time was divided nicely into watching movies, watching Buffy on the Mp3 player, and playing hefty amounts of DS games. It's amazing how long it takes for Sudoku to get old, I'm tellin' ya.

When we got to Hong Kong, everything was pretty easy to navigate. Once we found Nam and her Mom, we got on the train and made our way for the city. Almost everything I saw in Hong Kong was significantly more friendly than Beijing. It was easier to get around, people didn't spit everywhere, and the air was so freaking clean. I was impressed. Like,
car wash, impressed (NOTE: The writer of this e-chron profusely apologizes for the very inside joke he just made, that basically two people will get [Nicole and Rachel, I'm lookin' at you] and will, henceforth, refrain from doing such things.)

Let me go on the record for saying that I'm not badmouthing Beijing. I love both cities for different reasons. And although it's hard to quantify, I'll do my best to explain with a tenuously applicable analogy. Hong Kong is like a cute little kitten. Very clean, very likeable, and you fawn over almost everything about it. Beijing is like a gross little pug. It's so ugly and comically uncouth at times that it's simply endearing for all the opposite reasons. Honestly it sounds like an insult, but really it's not. By the way, this is the dog that came to mind with the Beijing analogy.

Hong Kong was honestly, though, like all of the best aspects of China and Britain all smushed together into one ball of deliciosity. They had freakin'
Ribena there. How could I not love it? Anyway, Nam's parents were totally awesome too. They showed us around everywhere, and always had stuff to do. They were such good hosts. They always had stuff to do for us, one of which involved gambling in Macau, however, which was my first true experience doing such. It wasn't a good one really. I mean, I don't really like giving money to a machine for shortly lived gratification. Unless it's in an arcade. Which, of course, is a totally different thing... shut up.

So some highlights of the trip included hitting one of my short list of things I actually really, really wanted to see in China. The big ol' Buddha on a mountain. It was pretty freaking awesome, especially the approach. You could see him way up on the mountain in the background.

This honestly was my favorite part of the trip. The countryside was misty and mysterious looking, and I'm a big fan of mist. Because mist = humidity. Humidity = easy breathing and less sore throats. What can I say? I'm a big fan of water. Only when you breath it though...

Also apparently, inside this Buddha is like a crystal that is sacred. When the Buddha was burned, several parts of his body were unburnable and crystalized. Apparenty there are a few thousand that exist somewhere in the world, and each one hold's the unique property to appear as a different color depending who looks like it. Which makes me think that Dad's old BMW is somehow one of the crystals. No one can decide if it's green or grey.

We also went to the aforementioned Macau. This is where the gambling went down. I liked all parts of the trip except for the gambling parts. Macau was interestingly a mish-mash of European city and Chinese city, which I guess makes sense since it was owned by Portugal for a bit (hehe, sense since). I really dug the layout of the city, it was pretty.

Not to say that I didn't
like the gambling. It was interesting. But in the way I thought pigeons pecking keys at to get food despite increasingly diminishing returns was interesting. Which was essentially the same thing. One of those moments when I really thought that the argument that Skinner's research was faulty because it assumed that pigeons and humans behaved in the same way wasn't completely unfounded. People were freakin' zombies in there. There was one poor, poor soul making round after round to several roulette tables dropping thousand of Hong Kong dollars every 10 minutes or so. What a tool.

I'll talk more Hong Kong later, please allow this last post to sink in. Savor it, for it is the finest wine of online life-chronicling. Take it in, swish it, and spit it out. Just, you know, don't do it anywhere near me. I'm sick of spit.


Drew said...

*sigh* Once again weird layout issues. I don't feel like fixing it right now. Dugg DOWN!

Keiyla said...

It was great to see you in game, however briefly! I envy your world-traveling experiences, and am filled with joy that you are having such a wonderful time that you chose to go back (despite the fact that it means we don't get to see you as much). Thank you so much for posting again; its almost like vicariously being there!

Anonymous said...

This made the news not too long ago, about the 'life-saving' qualities of Ribena...

A hamster was miraculously brought back to life after being cooked by accident.

The pet, called Christmas, must have had a gnawing feeling something was wrong when his cage was left on top of an oven and the hob was turned on by mistake. The cage burst into flames and Christmas became a furry fireball.

When firefighters arrived to put out the blaze, the rodent was lying on his back with his charred legs in the air and tongue hanging out.

Officer Mark Spinks, 36, admitted: 'We all looked at each other and said, “That hamster is a goner”.'

But when colleagues gave Christmas a blast of oxygen, a few nips of Ribena and rubbed his belly, they were amazed to see him splutter back to life.

The drama unfolded after owner Stacy Bell, 24, moved Christmas into the kitchen because he was keeping son Dylan, four, awake.
Christmas is now recovering but hamster, egg and chips is unlikely to return to the menu at the Bell household in Dagenham, Essex.
Mrs Bell said: 'I am pleased Christmas is OK. The firemen were brilliant.'

Anonymous said...

I assume that was Dan on that last comment. Not just anyone knows what Ribena is.
And lets make one thing perfectly clear, I have never wavered on my decision that the BMW is GREEN not grey.
I commented from work last week and
I think it worked, since T'ville has been blocking so many aspects of your blog. So I will continue to reply from there because this keyboard of Pete's sucks.

Anonymous said...

hey I agree the gambling scene was not for me. $5 for a night of poker with the guys is plenty of risk for me and you have a change to come out ahead. buddah was great and the little chard of cyrstal buddah was neat but a little strange. yer dad

Mariana said...

hey Drew! I can't believe you're in China!!
Your dad told me you were there and gave me your blog url.
What have you been doing there?? Are you a teacher?
Well I'm going to London in august! I'll get my Masters there in Human Rights. I'm really excited about it.
Well keep in touch and come to Brazil some time!

Mariana said...
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Anonymous said...

"Not to say that I didn't like the gambling. It was interesting. But in the way I thought pigeons pecking keys at to get food despite increasingly diminishing returns was interesting. Which was essentially the same thing."

Glad to see that you're putting all that we taught you to good use! Too bad you didn't make it down to Wilmington when you were home - next time.

Take care and try not to breathe too much.
Chris (and Ray) (your UNCW profs, you know, just in case you forgot who we were)

Celera said...

Hey Drew -- glad to see you writing again. I was starting to worry. I'm a mom, it's what I do. :)

nicole said...

haha thanks for the laugh out loud moment this morning :) again, i read the glorious echron and am jealous :) love the pics!!! and i'm also happy that you are enjoying the teaching that much and are more affirmed in going to get your PhD :-D i turn in my application for the new part time job today - wish me luck!!! hug hug hug!!! rachel says hi!