Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Perpetual motion

I seriously need some "me days" soon. I've been doing stuff non-stop since I got to Beijing. While I like every single thing I've done so far (with exception to breaking off the key in my door and having to sit outside my apartment for a few hours), I can still tell that pretty darn soon I'm going to crash. And I'll wish I had done my laundry first.

Today we went to the Bookworm again, which is where Bob Marcacci (The Carden program... director? I think?) hosts his weekly open mic poetry reading. While the Art Institute of Atlanta has undoubtedly made me very cynical to most all things art related and has made me think that most "artists" today are so paradoxically narrow-minded when it comes to what they classify as "art", I'd have to say that this group seems pretty darn genuine. There are lots of people from many different parts of the world who come there and read poems and such in their own language. Its really neat actually. It won't stop me from making fun of art and artists (especially the narrow-minded, pretentious kind), but at least now I'll make somewhat of an effort not to generalize my mockery to the entire community. Only that aspect which demands specific attention.

I got home tonight, trying to think of a poem I might be able to write about next week's theme: Color. What I thought might happen, happened: I came home, wrote about 3 sentences, became physically ill at how trite and cliched my effort was, quickly deleted it, played video games, watched Carnivale, and ate some M&Ms. Now I'm writing in my e-chronicle about how lame a writer I am. Oh, by the way, thanks for reading.

Tomorrow will be another fun-filled day. More bestowing my awesome command of the Southern-American-English language to today's Chinese youth (to which today I said allowed in class, "Holy crap" when some of the students started telling me their birthday was after September 11th - them's is some young uns!), and then probably preparing my bad self for a weekend of overnight watch duty on the Great Wall. So don't try anything funny, Mongolians.

Once again, I'll leave you with one, no... two hot new pictures fresh from the Canon (the first one is at the top!). Its from this fancy place called the "Old Summer Palace", where the emporer used to go after a arduous week of copulation with his 100 wives. They had it rough in those days.


Anonymous said...

That last photo is awesome. The 2nd one down didn't display for some reason (maybe my computer).

Anyway, sorry for not replying to your email, I will soon. I've been very busy moving and starting work. I'm also too excited to be sitting down writing emails ... Talladega Nights is out on Friday and Extras 2 tomorrow!!!


Ryan said...

Pictures look really good, I really like the last one. Im glad to hear that everything is going good. Laura told me that she talked to you on gmail the other day.

If you don't mind, could you email me a original size copy of that flower one, Im sure laura would love to use that as a wallpaper.

How many kids do you have in your class??
Hope things continue to go well, and watch out for those Mongolians, they are tricky little bastards!!


Anonymous said...

If you said Holy Crap "aloud" in class it probably wasn't "allowed". And by the way, you told me you only had to wait for Bryan for a little while, not for a few hours when you broke your key. The pictures are beautiful.

drainpip said...

I really like your mom... I wish you were a worse player so I could put you in place like that.

Drew said...

Yeah she likes to do that. And she's right, I lied. I broke the key, but the one day that I got severely lost was the day I waited outside what I *thought* was my apartment building for a few hours hoping that maybe Bryan would come home. He did, and all was happy.

Thanks Mom, for calling me out. I really appreciate it.

Anonymous said...

Now dont give in that fast Drew. If you realy did tell mom you had to wait 'a little while' but didnt define the length of said time frame, your in the green. Thats just the omission of a small detail. Your just sparing mom the burden of worry.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...


I'm enjoying your blog and pics. Went for two rides today, one on my recumbent & one on the motorcycle. Sounds like you are having an adventure, be careful about American names, don't give out any with punctuation marks in them.

Uncle Glenn